Dentistry in the Digital Age.


Our new, state-of-the-art dental facility is equipped with digital x-rays and wide-screen high definition displays. Digital x-rays are safer than traditional x-rays, take less time to develop, and are viewed on our HD displays almost immediately so that Dr. John can show you exactly what problems you may have, and how he can correct them.

Our in-office entertainment system utilizes Control4® smart home technology, granting the patient access to hundreds of movie and television titles right at their fingertips, to pass the time you spend with us in comfort and ease, giving you the ultimate dental office experience. The sound is heard through Bose® noise-canceling headphones which allows you to enjoy your movie in quiet comfort, without any distraction to the dentist or his staff. Personal iPods® are also available with a wide variety and selection of music to choose from. An Office Where You Always Feel Comfortable. Our offices feature brand new Pelton & Crane® dental chairs—known for the comfort of their plush seats, and their intelligent design and ergonomics, taking into consideration both you and your dentist’s needs. Among other features, these chairs offer an integrated massage system, keeping you comfortable throughout your visit, however long or short it may be. A Boutique Dental Practice is… Unlike other offices which often keep you waiting for endless hours in overcrowded public spaces, Dr. John organizes his schedule with realistic goals, making sure no patient is ever made to wait long for their scheduled visit. Dr. John likes to keep his daily patient volume low, scheduling extra time for patients to answer any questions they may have, making this a true boutique dental practice.