Broken Tooth Repair by Sohosmile in NYC

Broken Tooth Repair by Sohosmile in NYC

Broken Tooth

According to the American Association of Endodontists, a cracked tooth has become the third leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. Many broken teeth are due to sports-related injuries. And most broken tooth pain involves the upper front teeth.

A broken or cracked tooth is a serious condition. If you fear you’ve cracked, chipped or broken a tooth, seek immediate cracked tooth repair from your SoHo-area family dentist — Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at SoHo restorative dentistry office! And because Dr. John is also a cosmetic dentist, he cares as much about your appearance as your health.

Untreated, you can develop a hidden cracked tooth fracture. A tooth fracture, especially in a front tooth, can lead to crooked front teeth or even to the need for a tooth extraction. To save your tooth, get it treated quickly!

What Causes Broken Tooth Pain?

Tooth decay is the main cause of a broken tooth. A hole in the tooth enamel, also called a cavity, weakens the tooth that leads to the crack. The hard, outer enamel and the next layer, the dentin, become prone to breakage when weakened. If you delay visiting your dentist for cracked tooth repair, the damage can cause intense pain.

Not wearing a mouthguard when playing a contact sport is the second most common way to suffer cracked tooth pain. But there are other lifestyle choices that may lead to the same outcome, such as:

  • Constantly chewing on your pencil or pen
  • Not watching where you walk or bicycle, causing you to fall
  • Opening a bottle with your teeth, if anyone still does that
  • Grinding your teeth while asleep
Broken Teeth Repaired With Porcelain Veneers by Sohosmile in NYC

Broken Teeth Repaired With Porcelain Veneers by Sohosmile in NYC

Types and Symptoms of a Broken Tooth

Trauma manifests itself in different ways, depending on the cause. A Downtown NYC dentist like Dr. John has to complete an evaluation of your cracked tooth, especially if it involves crooked front teeth. How you broke the tooth and its current state help him determine the most appropriate cracked tooth repair. Types of tooth damage include:

  • Chipped tooth
  • Dental crown fracture
  • Craze lines from tiny fractures
  • An enamel and dentin fracture that hasn’t exposed the pulp
  • Enamel, dentin and pulp fracture that has exposed the pulp
  • Root fractures
  • Fractured cusp
  • Horizontal crack
  • Vertical crack
  • Loose teeth
  • An avulsed or displaced tooth
  • A tiny hole in tooth enamel

Diagnosing a fractured tooth may be challenging, especially if you have a hairline fracture and don’t feel any pain. For this very reason (and others), Dr. John urges you to keep your regularly scheduled dental appointments. If he sees an issue with a tooth (like a hole in tooth enamel), he can order additional tests to show the extent of the damage. Symptoms of a cracked or broken tooth include:

  • Sharp pain while biting or chewing
  • On-again, off-again tooth pain
  • Pain when eating or drinking hot or cold things
  • Sensitivity to sweetness
  • Swollen gums around a tooth
  • General discomfort around your gums and teeth

For Immediate Broken Tooth Pain Relief

Chipped Teeth Restoration by Sohosmile in NYC

Chipped Teeth Restoration by Sohosmile in NYC

When you can’t reach a dentist right after you’ve had an accident, you can take specific steps to minimize the damage and relieve your cracked tooth pain. The temporary broken tooth repair techniques to try until Dr. John can examine you include:

  • Apply gentle pressure, with gauze or a clean cloth, to stop any bleeding.
  • Avoid biting down on a broken tooth.
  • Don’t drink anything cold or hot.
  • Use wax paraffin to cover any sharp, broken edges.

Professional Broken Tooth Repair

Repairing your tooth depends on the type of cracked tooth you have. Best dentist in SoHo Dr. John can often save your tooth, but you may need additional treatment to completely recover. The recommended course of treatment depends on the severity of your break. Additional procedures may include:

Regular checkups help you avoid cracked tooth pain by catching the problem early. Contact us to schedule an emergency dental appointment. We’re conveniently located in Lower Manhattan, and we serve all of the surrounding neighborhoods.