When it comes to adult orthodontics, you need an experienced dentist to advise you. Choose to visit the cosmetic dentist to the stars: Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at Sohosmile. He provides confidential orthodontic consultations in the comfort of welcoming SoHo practice. Straightening adult and teen teeth now can be done discreetly. Sohosmile — serving Tribeca, the Financial District and Greenwich Village, among other neighborhoods — delivers all your dental needs from one convenient location.

Invisalign Clear Aligners by Sohosmile in NYC

Invisalign Clear Aligners by Sohosmile in NYC

Orthodontics is the dental field that deals with your bite and the alignment of your teeth. Uneven teeth make it more difficult to chew, bite and speak correctly. Orthodontic treatment can correct the issues over time and through a variety of methods. While orthodontic treatment often is reserved for children and teens, adult orthodontics is a fast-growing field in Manhattan.

Located near Downtown NYC, Sohosmile provides a wealth of adult orthodontics options, as well as treatments for teens and growing youngsters. You don’t need to wait until you have difficulty chewing before you visit your orthodontist in SoHo. Join the legions of New Yorkers seeking straighter teeth to improve their appearance and their overall health.

Choices Abound at Your SoHo Dental Office

Orthodontic treatment for your children and teens — as well as adult orthodontics — refers to the various devices used to straighten your teeth or to keep them straight. Some of the most common and popular treatment methods used throughout New York City include:

In Sohosmile, you’ve found a boutique dental practice that serves all of Lower Manhattan, including SoHo and its surrounding neighborhoods, including:

  • West Village
  • South village
  • NoHo
  • Tribeca
  • Greenwich Village
  • The Financial District
  • Nolita
  • Battery City Park

Preparing for Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. John and the Sohosmile team understand the basic structures of your teeth and your jaw. They know how everything works together for proper chewing, speaking and smiling. But before you undergo orthodontic treatment, you need to have a healthy base on which to place any straightening devices.

It certainly saves you time when you can find one dentist office that can perform all your dental work in one location. That’s the value of a general dentist who excels in specific areas, like adult orthodontics. At Sohosmile, your general dentist is also a cosmetic dentist and a family dentist, so you have at your disposal those vital services that keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy, such as:

Why You May Need Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth that are out of alignment can have more ramifications than just disrupting your appearance. Crooked or protrusive teeth can lead to jaw pain, poor eating habits and difficulty communicating verbally. Misaligned front teeth can affect your self-esteem to the point that it influences your career choices and social goals.

Discerning patients have discovered the benefits of orthodontic treatment at Sohosmile for many reasons in addition to getting a star’s smile. You can change the look of your entire face with straighter teeth — and very often reduce signs of aging in the process. Other benefits and alleviated dental issues that result from orthodontic treatment include:

  • Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, leading to fewer cavities and reducing your risk of gum disease.
  • More bacteria and unwanted debris can gather in the larger spaces common when you have gaps between your teeth.
  • You’re less likely to grind your teeth when they’re aligned correctly.
  • Straighter teeth may mean fewer headaches and less neck pain, especially if you’re prone to clenching your teeth.
  • The odds of biting the inside of your cheeks are drastically reduced when your teeth are straight.
  • Digestive problems often occur when you can’t properly chew your food.

Taking Steps to Straighter Teeth

Once your basic dental needs are met, then you can talk to your SoHo dentist about reconstructive procedures to either begin or complete your smile makeover. One of the reasons that children and adolescents are prime candidates for braces is that their jaw bones are still developing and as such, are more malleable than adults’ bones.

As an adult, the only way your jaw bones can be manipulated is through surgery. That doesn’t mean that your teeth can’t be straightened, however, or that your jaw pain can’t be alleviated with orthodontic devices. It’s just that you may need to take a few extra steps, such as wearing a retainer at night, to maintain your new smile.

Get the process started to straighten your teeth. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll have the smile and confidence you want. Make an appointment today!