Periodontics is a dental specialty that takes years to learn and gain expertise. It deals with what is often a treatable condition. If you can spot periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, early enough, you can manage it with a rigorous at-home oral hygiene practice and a close watch from your periodontist. Avoid the more extensive periodontics procedures used to treat gum disease; visit your SoHo dental team on a regular basis to maintain your health and improve your smile.

Periodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with problems involving your gums. A periodontist is an expert in diagnosing, treating and preventing periodontal or gum disease. Sohosmile dental practice has all the dental specialties, from cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics and periodontics. They all work well together to care for your oral health.

When you and your family receive all your dental care from one safe, experienced and well-respected source, you save time and very possibly future dental problems. Dr. John Koutsoyiannis, the founder of Sohosmile, is a cosmetic dentist specially trained in dental implants, sometimes needed after tooth loss from gum disease. In SoHo and the surrounding areas, you can rely on Sohosmile.

Periodontics Services in Downtown NYC

Dr. John and his team are trained in a wide range of procedures that go well beyond basic gum disease treatment and prevention. At Sohosmile, we provide you with access to the latest techniques and technology for periodontal treatment. You get the best care from a dental practice that delivers satisfaction at every turn. Services include:

Once your gums have healed and the periodontal disease halted, you’re ready to fill in gaps and replace missing teeth. You have options for those replacements. Ask your periodontist about which option will work best for you. Treatment options include:

Get the Full Treatment

Even if you have a complicated oral history, you benefit from having an experienced and caring dental team on your side. Severe gum disease can be treated. If caught early enough, you won’t need a full mouth reconstruction that includes periodontics, as your SoHo dentist recommends only the procedures you need.

It’s the basic dental procedures and preventive steps your dentist takes that keeps your teeth strong and healthy. A smile makeover on an unhealthy base is pointless. Your SoHo team ensures that you get the best treatment from all the latest dental techniques. To keep your smile glowing, you need the best basic oral care, such as:

When You Need a Periodontist in SoHo

Poor oral hygiene and a lack of regular professional dental cleanings contribute to the development of periodontal disease. You must at least get biannual checkups, especially as you get older, as age also plays a role in weakening gums. The need for periodontics is urgent for many people. Leaving gaps unfilled, lowered immune systems and a build-up of biofilm on your teeth are common signs of poor dental care in many people, including the elderly.

If you have periodontal disease in its early stages or even a mild case of gingivitis, get it treated. If you don’t get your teeth and gums checked regularly, your gum disease only worsens to a more painful condition — like periodontitis. With periodontitis, you may see chronic inflammation of your gums. At that point, you may need other treatments, such as:

  • Scaling
  • Root planing
  • Debridement
  • Deep cleaning

Don’t Wait for Periodontics Treatment

While it may not be as flashy as teeth whitening or give you the immediate satisfaction of veneers,  periodontics is a core dental practice that’s vital to your overall health. It may be the first step needed to complete your smile makeover. But it’s also an ongoing concern.

The Sohosmile boutique dental practice serves as the central dental team to a wide range of New Yorkers, from executives and athletes to financiers and actors. Make Sohosmile your dentist too. The office in SoHo is easy to reach if you’re located in:

  • Tribeca
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  • Battery Park City

Call today for an appointment before periodontics takes over as the primary focus of your life. Prevention is within reach.