Crown Lengthening, Porcelain Veneers by Sohosmile in NYC

Crown Lengthening, Porcelain Veneers by Sohosmile in NYC

Crown Lengthening

A gummy smile happens when too much gum tissue covers your teeth, which makes them look too short for your mouth. There are many reasons for this condition, but if you opt for crown lengthening surgery, it may be considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure if it’s just to address your smile.

When crown lengthening is done to save a tooth, however, the procedure is likely covered by your dental insurance, as it’s medically necessary to your continued good dental health. Functional reasons Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at Sohosmile may need to perform a crown lengthening procedure include:

  • Helping save a tooth from having to be removed
  • Revealing more of a tooth if it’s broken off near your gum line, a process that’s usually needed to support a dental crown
  • Preventing a tooth from being replaced

Why Undergo a Crown Lengthening Procedure

Crown lengthening is a periodontal procedure performed when too little of your tooth is exposed for a crown or filling. You may need a crown for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Cracked or broken tooth from an accident or injury
  • A tooth beset with serious decay that may also require a root canal procedure
  • Misshapen teeth from birth or from a previous injury

If not enough of your tooth remains after a dental procedure or following an accident to hold a crown, crown lengthening surgery may be required. During a crown lengthening procedure, your crown specialist Downtown NYC reduces your gum and bony tissue to reveal more of the tooth above your gum line.

For best results from this procedure, visit an experienced cosmetic dentist for crown lengthening. Visit an experienced cosmetic dentist for crown lengthening because food can become trapped between your teeth and gums, and other dental problems may arise. This is another reason why excessive gum tissue can become a health concern.

Details of the Crown Lengthening Procedure

Prior to your crown lengthening surgery, Dr. John may likely require x-rays to check the tooth’s structure beneath the gum line. You may need other procedures, too, like an extensive teeth cleaning. A cosmetic dentist looks after your dental health and your appearance, so seek the best periodontist in Manhattan for your crown lengthening procedure.

Crown lengthening surgery is a common procedure often finished in under an hour. You usually need only local anesthesia. Crown lengthening pain is minimal for most people. Typically, only a small amount of your gum tissue is removed, but sometimes a small amount of bone has to be removed as well. When enough of your tooth is visible, your gums are stitched in place.

Recovery and Risks of Crown Lengthening Surgery

Your dentist gives you instructions to maintain your results and expedite your recovery time. During the first 48 to 72 hours following surgery, avoid any physically taxing activities. Other things to do to aid your recovery include:

  • Take prescription or over-the-counter medication to ease crown lengthening pain
  • Don’t eat hot foods for 24 hours following the procedure
  • Keep the dressings in place for one to two weeks
  • Eat a soft food diet and don’t chew near the surgical site
  • Brush gently to avoid pain and aid healing
  • Do not drink alcohol until your dentist gives you permission
  • Use ice packs to help bring down any swelling

As with most surgeries, there are risks to consider. Post-procedure infection is possible, so follow all aftercare instructions to reduce your risk. Be alert for fever, severe crown lengthening pain and the accumulation of pus. They are symptoms of an infection that needs to be treated.

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