Dental Surgery

Many dental concerns can be resolved with non-invasive procedures. Some issues, however, can only be addressed with dental surgery. Whether you need a surgical procedure from a cosmetic dentistry point of view or require emergency dental surgery, Dr. John Koutsoyiannis and his team at Sohosmile have the experience, skill and equipment to deliver the best results while minimizing your discomfort.

The art and science of treating facial injuries or caring for ongoing dental conditions require both a deft touch and extensive training. An experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. John, who’s used to detail-oriented procedures, knows how to care for your appearance and your dental health. Your best dentist SoHo serves all Lower Manhattan with the talent and technology to ensure your dental surgery is successful.

When to Consider Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is rarely Dr. John’s first choice. More often, he’ll try a non-invasive treatment first. Certain conditions, however, are best resolved with specific surgery. Conditions that may require surgery include:

  • Tooth loss. When you lose a tooth, it affects your other teeth and your facial structure. Whether due to decay and subsequent extraction or an injury, tooth loss is aesthetically unpleasing, and it can cause bone loss and inappropriate tooth movement. Dental implants solve these issues while replacing not only the crown, but the root of the tooth for a more secure and successful improvement.
  • Impacted tooth. This condition is usually associated with wisdom teeth (also known as your third molars), although other teeth can be impacted as well. It’s often due to a too-small jaw or improper alignment. Extraction becomes necessary to alleviate the pressure, pain and potential damage to the surrounding teeth and tissue.
  • Facial injury. Any kind of facial injury can be devastating, since it can inflict functional as well as cosmetic damage. Whether from a sport injury, automobile accident or fall, you need emergency dental surgery, and only your SoHo cosmetic dentist can care for both your oral health and your appearance.
  • Gum grafts. Periodontal disease causes many symptoms, including receding gums, which lays your tooth bare for potential decay and infection. If the condition becomes severe enough, gum grafts may be required to reverse your symptoms and save the tooth.
  • Jaw-related problems. Dental surgery may be warranted if you’re trying to compensate for teeth that have grown in incorrectly. Surgery may also help you fit a new pair of dentures, as it provides a smoother fit for your natural bite or new set of teeth.
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. TMJ causes headaches, jaw pain and facial pain. While physical therapy, nightguards and oral medication are the conservative and preferred methods of treatment for TMJ, advanced cases may require dental surgery to repair the joint.
  • Facial infections or lesions for biopsy. Sometimes, due to infection or growth, it’s necessary to remove some damaged tissue from your mouth in a biopsy. Your SoHo dental specialist may choose to send a portion of the tissue to the lab for testing.

After Your Dental Surgery

Following your surgery, you may need transportation from a friend or family member so you arrive home safely. Your aftercare usually requires about 48 hours of downtime, so make your home comfortable with extra pillows and blankets for propping up and staying warm. Make sure you have quiet entertainment handy such as books, magazines or television.

Refrain from smoking to prevent bleeding and damage to the tissue. You may need ice packs or over-the-counter medication for pain relief as instructed by your dentist. Soft, room-temperature foods such as warm soup or cool yogurt keeps the surgical site from harm. Avoid hard, crunchy foods until your mouth and jaw have healed.

For the Best Cosmetic Results

In addition to medical reasons for surgery, you may opt for cosmetic dental surgery. This may involve a procedure as extensive as a full mouth reconstruction. Most often, though, the surgery is minor, such as bone graft to support a tooth implant.